Individual Therapy

individual therapy


We address your child’s individual speech therapy needs during structured therapy while your child plays and learns. As we interact with your child we provide them with attention to meet their needs. Individual therapy is necessary for clients who do not fit into the “one approach fits all” category. Our Speech and Language Pathologists provide instructions to your child in a private setting. During individual therapy, your child will work to achieve maximum communication function.


You or your loved one may have expressive-receptive language and swallowing problems due to stroke, brain injury, Parkinson, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s or other diseases, which affects communication and swallowing. Our therapist will work with you to help you gain functional communication and adequate swallow function. We evaluate our clients to determine the type of communication and swallowing problems you may face. Then we develop and individual plan to meet your needs. 

Additionally, we provide services to individuals interested in modifying or changing accented English to be more understandable.