Difficulty Communicating?

At Advance Plus Therapy, we are passionate about what we do. We help our adults and children gain independence by giving them the power of speech. With speech therapy at their fingertips we give them the opportunity to express themselves and let their voices be heard. That is why at Advance Plus Therapy we are available and ready to help you or your children exceed expectations.


Highest Quality Care

At Advance Plus Therapy Services it is our desire to contribute significantly in clients’ lives by assisting them to optimize their communication potential. We provide high quality care that is based on researched evidence, expert clinical judgement, and clients' specific needs. Quality service is what counts and that is what we offer.


We Come To You!

We provide specialized speech and language therapy services in our clients' natural environment, where they feel most comfortable. We Come To You! whether it is at your home, business, or child's day care.


Help is Available!

For a free screening or to make an appointment, contact us at (832) 689-3797 or email us at

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Speech and language evaluation and treatment services.